Alice Springs Steiner School has 3 kindergartens, or early childhood groups-Billy Button runs 2 mornings per week and caters for the child who turns 4 in that year. Ruby Salt Bush Kindergarten runs 2 and ½ days per week for the child who turns 5, and Cassia Kindy, for the child who turns 6, runs 4 ½ days per week.

Education is centred upon meeting the needs of the 4 to 6 year old’s developing self.

A caring environment provides many possibilities for sensory and will activities so
children can express themselves and make sense of the world through activity and play. Steiner/Waldorf kindergarten seeks to nurture the senses through watercolour painting, drawing, beeswax and clay modelling. The teacher works consistently to encourage children to observe the rhythms and structures of the day, week, season and year throughout the curriculum.

The teacher works with the children to enable them to develop and strengthen relationships through the process of play. The teacher ensures the children will have a secure space that encourages their own personal discoveries.

The curriculum includes:

  • The telling of fairytales from Australia and around the world: the importance of archetypes in childhood
  • Rhythms and activities of the day, the week and the year
  • Living the year in festival and seasonal activities
  • Arts enrichment in painting, fibre, rhythm, song, modelling, paperwork, woodwork, story and creative play

The next step from Kindergarten, into class 1, requires readiness to focus in group lessons which demand more participation in structured tuition.

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