Seeking balance is at the heart of all education and very important in our approach. The teachers work to ensure that daily lessons contain opportunities to be serious and to laugh, to work co-operatively as well as individually and to be active as well as able to rest. Part of such a balance involves learning to care for one-self and others. Overexposure to some forms of media is of concern to teachers as it can threaten the child’s balance

The children draw words as part of story telling. The drawing of letters is accompanied by artistic illustrations, a feel of the flow of movements and a lot of colour. Later the children learn to write words, and to read their own written words before they engage with reading material.

Children learn to understand numbers based on real life examples. There are exercises of estimation, measuring and repeating aloud as well as chanting or singing of tables, musical rhymes and numbers skipping games. Fun is part of the exercise of learning.

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